Saturday, April 24, 2010

AerobicWomen, traditionally focus on dieting to lose weight. Most would go for all the low-calorie snacks available just to get fit. 

Usually, a lot of women are set up with the desire of quick results that they think about cutting calories rather than burning them up. They opt for starvation diets that often fail them. Why deprive yourself of your favorite snacks when you can work towards a beautiful figure by burning those calories down?

The most effective way to burn calories and lose weight is aerobic exercise, an activity that elevates heart rate to a specific level for a sustained time period, in other words, calorie burning is higher when exercise is performed for longer periods.

Brisk walking, bicycling, jogging, rowing, and swimming, if done properly, can be aerobic. If you are serious about keeping those lovely proportions, but don't have the time to devote to exercise in the gym, put things better with these following simple but very effective calorie burning activities. Let's take the example if you weigh 140 pounds in a 60-minute prolonged activity, and see how many calories you are burning.
Dancing. Yes, dancing! Play a lively music that you love and dance with your own free style steps kicking up your heels.  Family members may even join you and that is all fun! You would be glad how 60 minutes of heavy dancing can burn up to 319 calories. 

Brisk walking, is the most convenient and simple to work in your daily routine. Brisk walking is a good aerobic conditioner for all ages burning you 369 calories in 60 minutes. 

Bicycling, is not just perfect for your thighs but also easy on the joints, and longer periods of exercise are possible. Moderate stationary bicycling will make you burn 411 calories. If you don't have a bicycle, cycle with your feet. Lie on back, lift legs and body, balancing by stretching hands along floor, "cycle" with feet, keeping toes pointed. Do the movement for 60 minutes.   

Climbing Stairs, is another convenient calorie burning activity in the comfort of your stairs! You are burning more calories than walking, as you act against gravity. Climbing stairs regularly will burn half a pound of body weight in just a week, plus, you gain sexier thighs and buttocks!

Skipping rope, is one of the most fun calorie-burning activity which can be done at home or anywhere. Would you believe that skipping a rope for 60 minutes will burn about 638 calories? Great! A rope is all you need!
Some activities in the house are proven very effective calorie burning exercises that are already incorporated in your life in a daily basis. General garden activity will make you burn up to 302 calories. If you hike for an hour, you would burn about 386 calories. Housecleaning alone makes you burn 227 calories. Washing the car you will burn 285 calories. If you enjoy scrubbing floor you burn 352 calories. Simply rearranging furnitures will burn about 420 calories. Again, this is based on a person weighing 140 pounds.

Simple daily activities may sound ordinary, but they are great exercises that help burn calories and lose weight. Just remember, you will burn more calories if you weigh more, and burn fewer calories if you weigh less. Don't forget to refuel your energy with sufficient carbohydrate low-fat meal, and plenty of water. The best thing is to make your every calorie burning activity fun and enjoyable.

Now, the the key towards that dream healthy body? Start it.